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Tushar Patel

Tushar has over 30 years experience treating adults and children promoting good oral health. Tushar was previously a vocational trainer, training newly qualified dentists for over 20 years.  With his strong passion for general dentistry, Tushar provides exceptional patient -focus care to ensure his patients

Asan Hammad

Asan completed his Bachelors degree at Queen Mary University of London, delivering care to patients here in London. Following that, he spent some time working at Salisbury Hospital as part of the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery team, where he provided secondary care for patients, managed

Sandeep Patel

I decided to come back to dentistry after a break to spend time with family. I DJ in my spare time and have a passion for music from all era’s. If not doing any of this, I’m found out walking with my dogs enjoying nature.