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Sanaa Ali

Sanaa joined the clinic in March 2024 and is training to become a qualified dental nurse.  She is committed to providing excellent patient care and is eager to learn and grow in her role.  Sanaa is also enrolled at Queen Mary University London for an


Nasim is originally from Iran and practiced as a Dentist in her own country. Nasim joined us a Dental Nurse at our Surbiton branch. Nasim takes pride in her dedication to the field of dentistry, possessing specialized skills and accomplishments that she has worked extremely

Syed Shah

Syed’s career in Dental Nursing started recently and he feels that he belongs with ConfiDental Clinic Surbiton. He is happy that he found something that makes him feel useful and valuable. Prior to Nursing he achieved his master’s degree in international business management from Kingston

Harpal Gurmail

Harpal is an experienced Dental Nurse at our Surbiton branch with over 30 years’ experience. Harpal has vast knowledge of Nursing and Dentistry as a whole and she has worked within all aspects of dentistry. Harpal is known for her friendliness within our team and


Rebecca is the Head nurse at ConfiDental Clinic Surbiton. Rebecca has a wealth of experience within Nursing and has been working as a Nurse for 16 years. Her experience ranges from Surgical to General dentistry and Orthodontics. Rebecca says that working at Confidental Clinic has